How Delta N.A. were born






We travelled across the world looking for ourselves,

we jumped in the seaquake of life with no fear of future.

When we got to the bottom, we climbed

without caring of the time passing by.


We left behind our identity, our families and our entire past:

nothing we were has remained with us.

When we went back to the world,

no-one could ever recognize us,  neither did we.



we hiked the mountains of our being,

we crossed the border of our ego,

we went beyond of our consciousness.


The world changed inside ourselves, turned upside-down,

twisted on itself like a snake that winds its coils,

it left us glimpsing reality,

the one that only men of spirit can understand.



You shouldn't believe in our words

if you are not connected to your heart.


Reality breaks 

and everyday becomes prove of it;

the sky, once stable in its position,

now staggers fragile and humil in its uncertain location.




We collected our energies,

we collected every fragment of ourselves,

every sensation, filtered by our heart,

came sudden as lightning.

When we began our journey we forgot ourselves,

the essence of our personality blew away.

Like rolling stones at the bottom of a river

we moved rocks we had inside,

we dug ditches and powered dim lights.


In our mind vocals and consonants changed,

of a language that everybody knows

it didn't remain any sound

that our ear could recognize or match with a world.


We started thinking

that the world didn't exist,

that the madness, that we were living in and we still live now,

was more real than  Earth itself.


We discovered that the future planned by the ethereal energies

was falling on us, obfuscating our sight and fogging our minds.

Destiny, with his signs, brought us to love

he emptied our anger and transformed our bitterness:

hate became lightness and light illuminated darkness.

When we woke up from numbness we saw the clouds unfolding

and the sun appearing in a rainbow of colors.


Our canvas collected the tears of our soul,

when we paint our hands, guided by the mixture of energy,

release harmless shapes emitting

strength of soul and energy of heart.

Colors sounds in the ears of who listen to,

like bells in the wind recall with their jingling the voice of heart.



Which poetry remains in the world without love?



Everything that the human mind designs

stays still in front of the greatness of universe,

everything that the mind creates, men destroys.


Anything remains, trough the years passing by,

to testify what man owns: his only richness is the heart.

The shining of that diamond lodged in his chest

is the only trace of his presence in the world.


The heart with its facets lights our way,

guides us through winding paths

sometimes wrapping us in fog

to mask the ugliness of the world.

It leads us descending the road of knowledge,

it loves every moment of our lives and softens every strenuous day.

Its beating permits us to receive the greatness of universe,

we tell this way our glory

through the petal of a flower or a flickering pistil.



The way of heart is not for everyone, but only

for who believes in the purity of mind as the only possible success.



Uncut like books just printed

we perfume the nose to who is coming closer.

When we paint we enlarge the walls of our heart

until they vibrate as drums, beat after beat, their sound spreads in the air

and attracts who still wants to listen to.


Energy protects us along the way,

like magical creatures with a destiny

everyday we follow inside us fantasies and mysteries

in an everlasting search for precise answers.

We look inside and we tell outside,

like a lens painting enlarges every discovery of our heart.



This is the story that our soul covers,

this is the path that our hand illustrates.



We discovered that our world was divided

between what we thought being true

and what we desired to have,

but there was any trace of what we were really feeling.



Believing in ourselves and trusting our sensation and perceptions

was like trying to dry the sea with a teaspoon:

the step was each time more difficult and strenuous.



We believed that magic was in our heart,

we believed that our body couldn’t lie,

we had faith and we hoped.


We fought against our mind,

against the temptation of thinking

that anything minds  in the world and nothing worth to be lived;

we fought against our indolence,

against the laziness driving our movements.


We exhausted our legs walking kilometers

without knowing which way to go,

while walking we found peace

and left behind the fear of future.


Our feet anchored us to the ground

like roots of a tree

and our hands, free in the air,

picked the fruits of universe.


the road we stomp

taught us how to live without prejudices,

taught us that human being is made by the story of himself.


We broke down this barrier

and we discovered that beyond that story

there was nothing but a heart full of love.


This is what remains of our glorious past lived as ordinary souls,

we don’t tell who we were not to return with the mind in a cage.

What we are now tells completely about our past existence,

our successes and failure, our challenges, our courage.


Our paintings are mirror to our soul,

nothing but our heart

can understand its beauty and shades.


While reaching the present day

we went over the past with its memories;

in the present day, we live the tomorrow that will be.