Delta N.A.


"Le promesse della notte"  2017 oil on canvas 


Delta NA is comprised of artists Neva Epoque and Alessandro Vignola.


They met at the University of Turin where they graduated in Psychology in 2003. Since childhood, both of them had always a great passion for art, so after falling in love and becoming a couple, they changed their lives becoming professional artists and using their psychological background to explore themselves so deeply  to reach a complete  expression of their souls.

Delta N.A. total and complex collaboration mixes together male and female, two different souls and two different way of seeing the world; thanks to their strong connection and to the complete technical and emotional fusion, Delta N.A. hearts beat at the same rhythm creating  artwork  that seem made by only one artist.






After a beginning with portraits and figurative works, Delta N.A. started to analyze deeply their emotions, developing the ability of express themselves together, working simultaneously on the same canvas.

From 2008 they took part to some solo and group exhibitions in Italy and later on they brought their art to the international contemporary art scene travelling to South America. In 2010 they arrived in the United States with many group and solo shows: Norbertellen Gallery,” The Colors of Joy”  BOA Art Gallery, Los Angeles California etc..


After a period of research the artists developed a new technique using only bare hands to paint, this choice gave them the name of “Instinctive Expressionists” ( Galeria El Lunario, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico 2012).


“By removing all boundaries between themselves and their medium, including the use of brushes, the transference of their combined emotional energies paint an homeopathic palette. Their work expresses a true sense of being and reflect a new-found meaning to spiritual connectivity” ( D. Zelikovsky, CATM New York ).


The artworks created between 2012 and 2014 tell about the lightness of an harmonious Universe in which humanity of feelings and immensity of spirit, merge in a dance of colors and lines collected into compositions of flowers. This serie of paintings has been shown in U.S.A : “American Dreams” and “New Japonisme”  Soho Gallery Beverly Hills, California and in Italy receiving the “Quality and Originality Award” at the 5th Biennale of Genoa and the “Jury Award” at the Satura Prize 2013.

In 2013 they have also been noticed by the New York talent agency CATM representing them in the U.S.A.  and they have started collaborating with the Die Maüer Arte Contemporanea, Prato.


In 2014 they have been invited by the prestigious American Art Magazine Irreversible Art Magazine to represent Italy with a sculpture, during “Giants in The City” exhibition, Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida.


“Their wondrous imagination is transformed into a monumental declaration with the sculpture “In-Love”. The work's soft, almost Oldenburg-esque sense of the organic deceives the senses and its true physicality. While other artists only succeed in imitating the ethereal, mitigating the natural unnaturally, Delta NA compose a symphonic movement of unity that engrosses the public's heart and due attention.” (D.Zelikovsky, CATM).


At the end of 2014, the artists have reached a new form of expression creating a series of paintings they have called Harmonies: the subjects, once well delineated with solid colors, loose their boundaries and dissolve in the widespread light of an infinite space, in the harrowing search of a perfect union between immensity of destiny and human fragmented daily life.


In 2015 the French gallery Beddington Fine Art has dedicated a solo show to Delta N.A. presenting the Harmonies serie and their new sculpture  "Rivelazioni" that has become part of the open air sculpture garden of Bargemon du Var, France.


"Walking the tightrope of impending perils and overcome by the stamina of destiny's pull, Delta N.A. explores the difficulties in which we all face while pursuing allusive dreams. It is their strength's density that forges bridges between the worlds of desire and achievement. The constant struggle between divine will and physical want are carefully displayed through their meticulous demonstration of relationships, both sensual and ethereal." (D. Zelikowsky, CATM )


With the sculpture Rivelazioni the couple of artists have started exploring the relation between Man and Universe giving birth to a new language and a more complex theory on the perception of reality called “Existential Mechanic”. 


"Delta N.A.’s Existential Mechanic goes beyond the mimicry of the surrealist manifesto by bringing in a genuine spiritual element. While visually mathematic and pragmatic, science is left behind and acts as mere linguistics. The deceivingly logistical display of geometry under first impression quickly dissipates as color field nuances permeate throughout the ether. " (D. Zelikowsky, CATM )


Delta N.A. are actually presented the artworks of the Existential Mechanic in an itinerating project titled “A journey with heart”.


The exhibition is  focused on the theme of  “Travel” intended as physical journey and as existential journey and described through the abstract lens of the Existential Mechanic. Some of the artworks are inspired by the connection between the human soul and the Universe while others offer a new perspective on the world, describing places visited by the artists during their travels. 



“The story of this couple of artists seems to come out of the pages of the "Elective Affinities" of Goethe, where an irresistible force of attraction is binding inextricably two people.” (Armando Brignolo, La Stampa).