"Into the wood " Oil on canvas 2017
"Into the wood " Oil on canvas 2017


A Journey with heart


The voice of the Universe rings out in  the human heart, so even anchored to the ground, Man turns his eyes to the stars fascinated by the mystery of the world.

Dragged by the strength of the hearth, he understands, between emotions and madness, that the real world does not coincide  with what we see and  that life is just a dream without space and time, a sort of place between lines where dissolved shapes and absence of boundaries explode in a universe of similar colors, awakening the memory of an ancestral world already existed before and beyond the human being.

With this journey among geographic places  and  spaces in the deepness of the human soul, Delta N.A. focus attention on the intricate net of consequentiality and interconnections binding humans to their destiny; the natural beauty of the world reflected by the mirror  of the heart, turn itself into a parallel reality described with an essential language of dissolved shapes, lines and colors that collects mind and soul in a unique tale.

The meeting with Existential Mechanic breaks down shapes and figures that are part of the description of the world commonly perceived, restructuring  our perception of reality to achieve a new unknown dimension, a subtle universe that shakes bowels and  hooks the heart.








The exhibition “ A journey with heart“ is  focused on the theme ofTravelintended as physical journey and as existential journey and described through the abstract lens of the Existential Mechanic. Some of the artworks are inspired by the connection between the human soul and the Universe while others offer a new perspective on the world describing places visited by the artists during their travels

The exhibition will be hosted in the following venues:


September 8 Die Mauer Galleria, Prato, Italy 


November Davico Art Gallery, Torino, Italy


April Baccaro Art Galleria, Pagani, Italy


Institute of Italian Culture of Jakarta


Palazzo Ottolenghi-Museum of Risorgimento, Asti


With  the support of                  Italian Embassy Jakarta


and the patronage of the city of         Asti, Italy.